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blood in stool? wth!

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i dont know if its blood or not...but it looks like either a light red or orangy colour in olivers stool. not all of it, but streaked a little bit. his stools have been ranging in colour of green, yellow some brown...but always with curds. i am freaking out a little but am waiting till the next diaper to have a complete melt down...thoughts?

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If it's bright red & just streaks, it's probably just from the skin around his anus, either outside or just on the inside. Blood from internal bleeding is dark, making the stool appear blackish. My first Dd had black stool at 2.5 wks......from my bleeding nipples
:. Might want to mention it to the ped, but don't worry too much
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*sigh of relief*
no it was def not actully almost looked orange and it was streaked..the change in the colour of his stool freaked me
why i dont rember anything from my past babies i have no

My daughter Fenix (funny,huh?) had some blood in her stool back in Feb. She also had a very loose stool, like diarrhea, so I took her to the ped. They hospitalized her, thinking she had some sort of infectious disease. I really thought it was just an anal fissure, due to her sometimes explosive stools and gas. They seemed to think it was either from some disease, bleeding nipples (they checked my nipples), a bowel obstruction, or an allergy to dairy products in my diet. After three days in the hospital,and all kinds of tests and x-rays (they almost did a colonoscopy,too), they decided it anal fissure. It healed after about a week, and hasn't been a problem since then.

All that just to say that it might be a real minor thing,and I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless it continues or changes color or something.

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love the name! *grins*
it actully seems to be orangy brown more then red? but its still there. wow typing while nursing is fun! lol
any thoughts on that? and what colour was fenix's?

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