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Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy?

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I'm hoping you wise women will have some answers for me. With my last pregnancy I failed the 1 hour test, then passed the 3 hour. My son was born weighing 10 pounds 6 ounces. He wasn't fat, just big all over. He didn't have any issues with his blood sugar after birth. Also my dh and I were both 8 1/2 lbs at birth so petite babies don't run in our families.

Anyway, I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my second child and am planning a homebirth with a CNM. I'm not doing the GTT this time because it sucked so bad last time and because my research shows it's not that accurate. I do want to check my own blood sugar a little bit though to see if I need to be eating better.

Anybody know where I can find the normal ranges of blood sugar levels in pregnancy. My midwife suggests taking a fasting level and then 2 hours after meals.

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i'm not an expert by any means but i am a RN and i've also had supposed blood sugar problems with my first pregnancy. i was borderline for the one hour and also borderline for the 3 hr so they wanted to do another one but i refused. it's diff to determine what is your normal PREGNANT blood sugar level if you don't know your normal PRE-PREGNANT blood sugar level which most of us don't know. if you really think about it too, if you gave that much "glucose" to someone who really has a glucose problem you would probably send them over the edge or at least make them very ill. this time around my midwife did a finger prick but i just had a bagle w/cream cheese and juice prior to the test (a much more realistic intoduction of suger) usually the "LIMIT" for high-normal blood sugar is 140. however the research that supports that number is nonexistant. 140 is an arbitrary number that was basically chosen out of thin air. there are a couple of books that can really help are written by henci goer "obstetrical myths vs research reality" and "the thinking woman's guide to a better birth" they are both easy reads in the sense that you can flip thru to the subject you are looking for and she has the explination of the procedure, the pro, the cons and any things to think about if you decide to have the proc. done, she also has all her research in the back of the books. hope this helps

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By what I've been told .. normal for pregnancy is the same as normal non-pregnant .. Fasting at 60-90, one hour post meal 140 or below .. but w/my first pregnancy, I was told 120 or below an hour post meal. Basically, I just try to avoid spiking it over 150-160 .. although it happens occasionally. (The heck with doctors, I refused to upset DS over not having a slice of his birthday cake.)
Interesting! My fasting seems to be kind of high, most mornings it is in the low to mid 90's, but my other ones seem to be okay, not great but okay.

Thanks for the info everybody.
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