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Carroll Melton wrote and has given me permission to post his thoughts. I think if I had a son, I'd want to know how the penis functions so this is for all you mamas. Baybee:

" Here is what I have learned about blood in the penis. The corpora cavernosa penis, which extend all the way up to the glans penis, fill with blood which erects the
penis. There is a valve at each end. Usually they are both closed. When sexual stimulation begins one valve opens to let the blood flow in to erect the penis. When the penis is erect that valve closes to maintain the erection. Once ejaculation occurs, or when stimulation subsides, the other valve opens to release the blood from the corpora cavenosa penis. The veins which are visible on the exterior of the penal shaft have nothing to do with erecting the penis. The penis gets a miniscule blood flow during a usual day, which is why men have 3 to 6 erections every night while they are asleep. Even if you have intercourse or masturbate every day you will still have 3-6 erections every night while you sleep. When you are very young--11, 12, 13--you will have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) as a way of releasing the excess sperm that accumulate in your testes which is not ejaculated. Once you learn to masturbate you rarely get sticky jammies or
underpants when you wake up. Waking up with an erection lasts forever, but becomes less common the older you get. This occurs no matter whether your penis is wrapped or peeled, btw. "
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