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blood work

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Antiphospholipid syndorme profile
Anticardiolipin AB, IgG, Qn 12 (In the interdeterminate range, negative is <11)*
Anticardiolipin Ab, IgM, Qn 19 (In the interdeterminate range 10-19; Low-med positive is 20-80)*

Lupus Anticoagulant Reflex
PTT-LA 71.4 (normal 0-52)*
PTT-LA Mix 44.3 (normal 0-52)
dRVVT 46.1 (normal 0-42.8)*
dRVVT Mix 43.2 (normal 0 - 42.8)*
Hexagonal Phase Phospholipid <1.0 (normal 0-8.0)


Here are some links to explain better...

But basically I'm looking at "antiphospholipid syndrome." It looks like lupus is unlikely...but it can develop into that.

90% of women with APS will miscarry, late abort, or still birth...25% will with treatment (10-15 % will m/c that are "normal").

Treatment seems to be baby aspirin and heparin (not always neccessary) and sometimes more. It also means in pregnancy that you need more frequent checks for fetal growth, as well as blood stuff.

I've had 2 m/c.

Does anyone know of additional ways to treat the system, diet/nutrition, supplements, etc?
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