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bloodroot, veggies, squirrels

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Squirrels are destroying everything (well, almost) I plant! How can I keep them off my veggies? What is blood root? Can you put it on veggies? Thanks for any help.
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Originally Posted by Jocelyn
What is blood root? Can you put it on veggies? Thanks for any help.
Are you referring to blood meal when you say blood root? If you are referring to blood meal, it is a by-product of cattle slaughterhouses, it is basically dried blood. It is high in nitrogen and used as a fertilizer/soil supplement. It is safe to use near your veggies, but I haven't had too much luck with it keeping squirrels away (works great for rabbits and deer though).

The first thing I would try in your squirrle situation would be providing them food and water that is away from the garden. They usually will eat whatever is most easily availiable -- so make it easy for them to get other food.

i have a bloodroot & the squirrels frolic in it <g> i don't think that's what you want. suse

i'd put out dried corn and distract them, personally.
I've had great luck with blood meal as a deterrent to squirrels...I make sure I plant my tulip bulbs with some, and sprinkle some on the surface of the ground anywhere I don't want the squirrels to bug stuff, and they were great this year (first try at tulips here).

Also, hot pepper spray will deter squirrels, though I haven't really tried it...

Blood root is a plant...
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