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Can anyone tell me about this area? Dh is job hunting and either of these came up as possibilities. One of my SILs lives in Bloomington, but these questions aren't really up her alley.

I'm particularly looking at these things, but anything would help!

1. Crime issues?
2. Cost of living-can you find a good 3+ bedroom house in a good part of town/country with decent yard for under $100k?
3. Is it birth and breastfeeding friendly? I may someday in the distant future want a #5. Homebirth midwives around?
4. Homeschool friendly?
5. Kids activities. Close proximity or possibility of Museums, kids programs, homeschool groups...anything?
6. A UU, Liberal Episcopal, Reform Judaism, or pagan group nearby?
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I'm in Peoria, about 45 minutes from Bloomington-Normal. I don't know a ton about B-N other than that they have a great children's museum! I do know that there is an AP group there. Here's their meetup group They'd probably have some answers for you.
We have a large active AP group in BN. Lots of kid friendly things to do and easy to find like minded parents. We've traveled all over the USA and still BN is the best place I've lived.

1. Crime and pollution both low and very tolerable compared to other cities in IL.
2. A three bedroom in a good area might run you 80-120k depending on how nice you want the house and if you're willing to do a little work to it. Groceries and other living expenses are lower than other parts of the USA. Wages tend to be better than other parts of the USA.
3. We have a good LLL group, AP group, homebirth midwives and hospital MW.
4. Tons of homeschoolers
5. Tons of parks, free splash parks, two large water parks, homeschool activities, children's museum. Lots to do.
6. We have a nice UU church. I know some pagans but not sure if there is a formal group.
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Thank you, everyone. It looks like dh's job is secure until next year so he turned down the interview.
I will keep this in mind for the future. Thanks!
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