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Fantastic sleep bra - or full-time bra for smaller women

review by vachi73

This is perhaps my all-time favorite nursing bra. I lived in it for my first four kids. It isn't cheap, but it isn't outrageously expensive either. I still use it for a nighttime bra if we have house guests, although it is a little large if I'm not pregnant or nursing.


I wore the MEDIUM in this bra, but could've probably worn the small in the band size (just not the cup size). I am a 32-34 G/H when nursing, if that helps.


Pros: Love the fabric. Soft, organic cotton. Ease of use - just pull cup aside to nurse (no clips). Great for nighttime. Washes beautifully and wears forever. I finally retired one of mine after 5+ years of use. Cross-over styling does not show under most shirts, though the wide straps sometimes did show. Not a ton of shaping with soft cups, but lots of lift with wide band, and nice separation with the cross-over styling. Holds nursing pads in place very nicely. **can be used as a hands-free pumping bra!** Cups are flexilble and supportive enough to wrap around shields and hold them in place. LC at the hospital after our twins were born commented to me at how great the bra was, and wrote down the info so she could recommend it to others.


Cons: Sizing may not work for women with very large breasts. May not be supportive enough for "outside the house" wear for very large-breasted women. Not cheap, at $43 a bra. Because there is not a clasp, the elasticity of the cup may wear out over time from being pulled over and back each time you nurse. I only noticed this with one of the four I have had, but it did wear out after 5+ years.


Bottom line: love it. Worth the $43 I paid for it. My smaller-breasted sister wore this bra (in the regular cup size, the Jane Bra, A160) exclusively while nursing her two children. So it's a workhorse that will last, and is "enough" for many women (even if not always enough for me outside the house).

Fabric, ease of use, fit, wear over time; can be used for pumpingPrice? Potentailly fit, support for very large-breasted women


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Blue Canoe Jane's Plus Cup Bra (A161)

Jane's Plus Cup A161

Cross-over cups
Small under-bust darts
Double thick fabric band
Racer back
Great nursing bra

Fabric Content: mid-weight stretch-jersey blend of 87% organic cotton and 13% spandex
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