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Blue Dog? Tiny Tots?

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I'm trying to decide on an inexpensive fitted dipe. Nothing fancy, just want something that will get the job done and keep in those breastmilk poops. And something that DH will be comfortable with.

I already got some Blue Dog fitteds here:

But then I came across Tiny Tots here:

Maybe this is a dumb question, but are these the same diaper? I've tried to find a review on Blue Dog, but haven't come up with anything, though there is a fair amount of info on Tiny Tots. Anybody know if these are the same?
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: not sure....those are pretty inexpensive! I'm sorry I don't know anything else about them...hope they work out for you if you get them
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Yes, they are the same diaper but with a new name. They are made by Dri-Line.

We used them when Ian came home from the hospital up until he was probably 6 months old (about a 3 months "term" weight). They worked well for him but we wouldnt have been able to use them much after that (he is a supper pee-r).

Good luck.
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