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First up, one of my all time favorite's and another of dh's favorites. I love this MT, but I am not wearing this at all anymore -- mainly using short wraps here. This is a blue butterfly silk original Kolamo. It reverses to Velveteen and the straps are padded and made of duponi silk. This is so comfy, supportive and not to mention beautiful. I bought this in February off of FSOT on TBW when I just started babywearing and I paid $80 and I am asking $65 ppd. I have never washed it. It is in GUC. Insurance is extra.

Next I have a Purple Denim Freehand with lillies print. This is beautiful! There is white stitching on the straps and body. The top straps are padded. I traded this on FSOT, I am asking $65 ppd.

I accept all forms of paypal as long as you pay the fees for credit card pp and if you pay by e-check I will wait to ship.

I have feedback under "regripley" on,,, and


I am ISO:
  • 4th Generation Beco
  • Colibri
  • Berry Plus AIOs

Thank you for looking!
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