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Blueberry stains

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Not sure if this is where this goes. Feel free to move it if you need to. I'm a dolt when it comes to stains on clothing. I usually put a little shout on it if I catch it before throwing it in the wash. DH fed dd blueberries and didn't use a bib. He then threw the stained clothing in the laundry basket without treating the stains and without telling me. Of course, I washed and dried the clothes. It shouldn't bother me so much, but these were clothes I was hoping to sell on ebay when dd outgrew them (they are gymboree and would probably sell well bc she received the whole matching outfit including hat and shoes as a gift).

Is there anything I can do now that the clothes have been washed or is it a lost cause? Also, is there a better way to pretreat stains like this without using a harsh chemical like shout?
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oxi-clean is great for all food stains - and it isn't toxic.

I've even had good results w/ already washed and dried stains. Just let the shirt soak in a bucket w/ a scoop or two of oxi-clean for a day or so. If it doesn't come out after washing it, try soaking it longer (I had to soak dd's poop-stain undies for several days to get the stains out!).
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