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Blue's Clues diapers?

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My son(2 next month) is obsessed with Blue's clues, and I think he'd love it if he had some Blue's Clues diapers to wear. He loves the Sesame street babies LD OSW I got him("wear Ernie, wear Elmo"
) I noticed that has one for sale, but it's a medium, and he needs a large.

Any sites where I can buy one? No aplix, DS can undo those thru the diaper cover.
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Have you ever tried a Bitty Buns? I can tell that's a flannel but the $8.50 price tag is calling me! lol

Ok.. I can be strong, I don't prefer flannel and I've never tried Bitty Buns.. *sigh*

I don't know where you can find more Blues Clues (imagine my hands opening and closing near my head here) but let me know when you find them! :LOL
It was where I saw the medium Blue's Clues diaper. I love the diaper that's listed, it just won't fit my 30lber!

I love flannel, it's so soft and cuddly.
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I have the cutest Blue's Clues diaper with the matching wet bag. I got it from Tykie Diapers. Ann even quilted pawprint, mailbox, and Blue underneath the soaker. A work of art!
we just had a discussion about this here hope it helps!
Thanks Bobica! I'm cruising the bunny patch and rainbowenddesigns right now. I'll check out tykie diapers later.
you're welcome! i'd hate for you to try & reinvent the wheel
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