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I am curious about other mothers' experiences with bf and body changes. Before I became pregnant I was a nice 135 at 5'5" and then I gained 72 lbs. during my pregnancy with dd despite a very healthy organic whole foods diet. She is now 8 months old and I have lost almost 60 lbs. Although I have almost lost the weight, I fear my body will never look good naked again.
My belly button is enveloped in wrinkly folds of skin. My stretch marks that cover my breasts, hips, thighs and calves are still very red and visible. My linea negra seems just as visible as it was at 3 months postpartum.
As bad as it seems my body has been healing and improving over the past 8 months due to smart eating and breast feeding. I have done some yoga and moderate walking but it is difficult to take dd on walks now that it is winter.
Does the loose skin tighten eventually? Does breast feeding influence the loose skin? How long does it take for the stretch marks and linea negra to fade? Does anyone have any hopeful stories about misshapen belly-buttons returning to a normal shape?
I have been using Burt's Bees Skin Firming lotion on my belly, but it is hard to say if it has made any improvement. Will I ever be able to wear a swimsuit again?

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first, it is unlikely that your body will be the same, but that's perfectly fine. that doesn't mean it won't be beautiful, it will just be different.

second, congrats on your amazing weight loss. 72 is a lot to gain, 60 is a lot to loose! good work and keep it up. it's ok to weigh a bit more while breastfeeding; i think one typically weighs 5-10 lbs over previous pregnancy weight while breastfeeding due to hormonal demands. so, you're right in that ball park.

third, there are nutrients that help with skin elasticity, so you might want to look that up. i know selenium (found in brazil nuts, just two a day gives an optimal amount) and vitamin e (topical) can help. massaging skin can also help stimulate the blood flow which helps skin repair well. you can massage yourself, of course.
i do a lot of self-massage.

forth, like you, i love my walks but baby is it cold outside! so, i'm mall walking. the mall here opens at around 10 (shops do), but the mall itself opens around 8 or so. i walk from 8:30 until 10 with my baby in a wrap for now. i walk a good pace and i've met a lot of curious elders! they are so happy to hold him while i go to the bathroom! i also have new yoga clients because of them!

anyway, it's an option and it's free if you have a mall near you. i drive my husband to work at 7 am, and then nurse from 7:30 until 8;30 at a coffee shop (i have tea--no calories!), and then wrap him up and walk the mall. it works out great.

anyway, it's an option.
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