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Body hair question (re: my 5 year old)

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My 5 year old has always been a little hairier than her sister, but I attributed it to her being born 2 weeks early.

But, on her arms, she has very dense long, curly hair from about mid-forearm to the middle of her upper arm. I'm ashamed to say I don't know when it got so thick or noticeable.

Today in the car she said, "why do we have hair on our arms? everybody has hair on their arms, but mine is like Daddy's." We've never talked about it and I'm worried someone said something to her (I didn't ask because I didn't want to make it a big issue.)

Actually, neither her dad nor I are very hairy, for adults. And have 'normal' distribution. My mil is not very hairy either.

Should I have her tested for something? hormones or something else?

If someone did say something to her about it, I know it will only get worse as she gets older.

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