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body image thoughts (right forum?)

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I've been thinking a lot today about how we as women view our bodies (thank you Z. Budapest). it's made me very sad, yet left me with a drive to combat my own image of my body, so here goes:

My breasts are lopsided and somewhat saggy. I feel ashamed of this. But Drew loves them, and Evangeline views them as comfort, security, food, and love. I should as well.

My belly is "out of shape", covered in stretch marks, and sticks out a little over my waistband. But it carried 3 lovely people who like to snuggle thier heads on it. It is a constant reminder of life and birth. It is fucking beautiful. I need to remember that.

I do not need a diet, tummy crunches, or a damn boob lift. This is my body the way it is supposed to look. The only reason I am ashamed at all is because we are told we should be thin/firm/perfect for life. No way, jose.

I will be reminding myself of these things every morning, and before bed.
I will not suck poor tummy in anymore.
I will not wear bras that hurt me, even if they do even me up.
So, what about you?

How are you going to fight the perception that we are not perfect the way we are?
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