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Boiling hemp inserts?

779 Views 3 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  ambersky I know now that the culprit to my ammonia problem is the hemp inserts - the diapers and microterry ones are fine. A Mama suggested I boil them...forgive my ignorance as I am a CD newbie but how long do I boil for? And do I use anyhting in the water? How often do I need to do this to keep them smell free? I love the fact that they keep her dry at night but boy do they stink!!! TIA!
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Boil them (at a rolling boil) for about 5 minutes - but only if you have no snaps on them at all! If they're snap-in soakers/inserts, the boiling will destroy the snaps (more likely than not). Boil them whenever the stink starts to get to you again? (sorry, no quick answer to that one!).

Have you tried adding a bit of baking soda or vinegar to the wash? I found that if I occasionally washed my hemp inserts with no detergent and about 1/3 cup each of baking soda and vinegar, I was able to have a bit more control over the hemp stink and I didn't have to boil them as often.

Thanks for the reply...I was adding baking soda to the water but then I was told that the baking soda might be causing the stink since i have hard water?
I am still so new at this I just don't know!
My FBs covers and the other inserts are just fine when I wash them in Charlie's with a cold soak, hat wash, and cold's just the hemp. I just want to avoid bleach if at all possible but if it has to come to that I'll do it...
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I boiled mine for 5 minutes once and then did some more rinsing in my washer just to be sure it was good and I haven't had to do them again since and that was almost a year ago.
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