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Boise Pediatrician Rec No-Vax (Time-sensitive)

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Could anyone recommend a "crunch-friendly" pediatrician in Boise. LO is almost 1 1/2 yrs old. We full-term breastfeed and do not vax. I need to select an insurance plan ASAP and want to be sure to select a plan that would cover a great Ped. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
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Well, we were going to see Ann Huycke for a while. She is a natural/herbal medicine MD (she used to be an ER MD I believe). We started going to her specifically because she doesn't do vaccinations (she'll advise you on them if you WANT them but will not administer them in her office). She's nice, a bit too "new agey" for this conservative Christian
but it was nice to have someone not push the vax issue. However, she wasn't big on extended BF'ing (she even told me once that "I think 9 months is good..."
) and so that kind of killed that situation for me. (considering we're still BF'ing at almost 3 years) Of course we never went very often since we weren't vaxing. But she doesn't take insurance. Instead each appt is about $40-75 depending on what they entail. But that wasn't a big deal for us anyway since that's about how much we paid after insurance with our previous ped.
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Oh, and I've heard that Theresa Weiland (sp?) is good. But when we called there while we were considering switching the lady on the phone was NOT cool with our vax decision, which confused me because I was told that her office was very non-vax friendly. But speaking to that lady really turned me off!
I don't know about non-vax but Dr Alice Blake in downtown Boise is good with delaying at least some vaccination. You would have to call her office to check but she had no problem with us delaying the Hep series. For our first she even recommended delaying the MMR 6 months until she was a little older. (I'm not sure if that's a general recommendation or because of her food allergies.)

I've always been very happy with her. She's smart and open to discussion. After months of issues with another pediatrician not being able to diagnose what was wrong with my oldest daughter she correctly figured out food allergies on the first visit.
we see teresa weiland (downtown boise). she's a family dr. i've been going to her for quite a while now. she doesn't push the vax issue much...she educates and gives info, then lets you make the decision. she's very pro-bf'ing and frequently talks about her experience with clw.

to the pp that mentioned weiland's secretary- terry is kind of an odd one! i never know what to say to her. she's just so awkward. her weirdness doesn't reflect on weiland's character at all though
give her a chance! i would just recommend setting up an appointment for a "well child visit" and discussing the details with weiland. no need to mention the vax issue with the secretary.
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One option would be to give the folks a call at Boise Natural Health. They are naturopaths and don't bill insurance, but they are familiar with the health practitioner community here and would likely have a few names. I've called them a number of times for referrals. They understand that not all of us are able to go out of pocket.

BTW DD and I saw Ann Huycke a few times but it ended up that I didn't click with her. She did that game with the medicines in your hand and measuring how that changes your muscle strength - I forgot the common term for that. Anyhow that's how she chose to diagnose me and it was a disaster. PM me if you want the hairy details. She doesn't bill insurance, either.

Anyhow I'd give Boise Natural Health a call. I think you'll find them to be very sympathetic.
Well, this is a bit delayed... But, I recently switched doctors for my 2 yr old. We are now seeing Dr Kaylor with the St Luke's Family on McMillan/Cloverdale. He does administer vaccines, but had absolutely zero problems with the fact that we have not given any vaccines to our daughter. I thought it was nice that he did state that there are negatives to vaccines, and that is why he leaves it entirely up to the parents. I was referred to him by another friend that also does not vax.
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