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I have a 4.5 year old who I have always felt very connected to. He was the first and needed me for everything. I had nothing else to do except wait on him to have a need for me to meet. Then #2 came along and I have always worried that we (meaning me & new baby) are not as connected as the first. I have not done anythign different - I nursed them both the same, slept with them, etc. But since day 1 he has just seemed so much more confident and less needy. He also had big brother to help him or for him to imitate. Now that #3 is on the way he has gotten VERY clingy. Of course I am just attending to whatever the needs are. In fact I kind of like the neediness - I've never had that from him before. Any thoughts? Anyone have a child who doesn't seem to need to be as attached? And how do you maintain that attachment?
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