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Bones for Broth--Organic Necessary?

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Just wondering what your thoughts are on the bones for making bone broth. I have easy access to whole chickens not treated w/ antibiotics, but they are not organic/free range.

I also want to get some chicken feet and am wondering if you all think it is necessary to have the bones and feet and such be organic...


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i don't think it would be that important for the chicken feet to be organic, as toxins etc are mainly stored in the i'd probably skim off the fat and chuck that away, but the actual bone broth would be fine!
funny... if I have to skip on organic b/c I'm short on funds, I will buy "natural" chicken breast. but i will never stew bones that are not organic... maybe it's in my head but the long stewing to bring out nutrients must also be bringing out goodness knows what is in them!

I don't know if my theory is right, but it's what we do. so if i'm short on money I will buy some organic thighs/legs and then some natural breasts so make food from.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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