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Boob cures everything... and that is the problem

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oh mommas... I have a 6.5 mo BF DD. We co-sleep (DH, me and baby next to me in a sidecarred crib). Lately she's been sleeping on her stomach (though we put her down on her back), which is fine until she wakes up, gets frustrated, starts doing baby pushups and then SQUAWKS! I've tried the shush-pat thing to settle her down but it's not working... the only thing that works is boob, so it's boob she gets every 1-2 hrs overnight--settles her down immediately and I can put her down easily. Then it's lather, rinse, repeat...
all night long. She's been "teething" (ie drooling like a fool, trying to bite down on ANYTHING) for 2.5 months with no sign of tooth yet. We've gotten 2 5 hr stretches of sleep out of her, but 2-3 is the norm (with 3 being logarithmically better than 2, as you all know!)--but the last few nights... ugh. When DH tries to put her down without boob, it seems like it takes an hour, so I just default to boob...

any ideas mommas? Is this tummy-sleep-squawk thing a phase? If we put her on her back she gets even more upset and tries to get back on her tummy, which doesn't make her happy either!
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I'm not sure I am hearing the issue... she sure sounds like every other baby I know! So, buck up and enjoy your nursing time while it lasts!
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I remember feeling like, at 6.5 months, the end MUST BE IN SIGHT! And now, at almost 16 months, he is sometimes still up to nurse every 2-3 hours if stuff is going on. The thing is, the past is a blur, and I am so glad that I hung on (not that I had any choice). The only support I can offer is the annoying "this too shall pass," but when mothers come up to me in the grocery store and say "how old? Mine is 18 now!" etc., I realize that it really will go by fast.

Sleeplessness sucks, though. Good thing the boob works, at least. Mine never went for shushing, either, until recently and then only sometimes.
can you just bring her in the bed and side-lie nurse? i nurse my 5 mo. son all night and have since birth (it took a bit of getting use to but now i like it) and i am able to sleep right through him nursing, once i get him latched.
thats my only advice. good luck and i hope you get some sleep!
thats what babies do. I have not gone more then an hour and a half at night without ds wanting to nurse, and he has fallen asleep without the boob maybe two times. I love the magic boobies
: sometimes it gets old but then I think about what I would have to do if I didn't have them.
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Dd was like this too as she learned to become more mobile. Our sleep was probably worse then than it has been since she was a newborn. She still wakes several times a night and hollers, but she doesn't seem to be so frustrated as she was then.

Good luck.
My DS is 7 months and this has been our solution for problems as well. Sometimes I get tired of it, but I realize how nature made us. DH has expressed his desire forhis own magic boobies, just to make comforting DS easier for him too.
My dd's sleep has varied, sometimes it has been great, sometimes horrible. It was really bad around 6-7 months as she got her central incisors. She couldn't sleep without her pacifier (me).
Well, ds is almost 11 months and he does the same thing. One teething spell sort of runs into the other... it is just easier to nurse them back to sleep... As pp said, it's just what they do. I know that's probably not what you want to hear though
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Side laying helps some, but I still hurt really badly. At about 8 months I gave up and gave DS a binky.
:He took to is great, except now he has to have it in his mouth all night instead. We still wake up a lot, but my back doesn't kill me anymore.
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You have my sympathies. My own daughter was similar waking every 1-2 hours during the night up until about 7 or 8 months, she also only wanted to nurse and wouldn't settle any other way.
I would second the mama who suggested a binky (sorry, we call it dummy where I come from, which is probably a very off putting word come to think of it!!) I tried the pantley pull-off method ( if I named it correctly) gently removing my nipple when she was just suckling and settling into sleep and sometimes gave her my little finger and she seemed to tolerate it better when I removed my little finger than when I removed my nipple. At around 7 months she took to having a binky so she could settle down to sleep even when I took the nipple away. Now if she wakes in the night crying I can give her the binky and she doesn't even get to being properly awake. She does still wake in the night (she's 13 months) but not frequently and sometimes I nurse her back to sleep if she is unsettled but she does sleep through some nights.
I know some people don't like binkies but I found it very useful particularly for settling and sleeping at night.
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That's normal. DS has just recently started wanting to nurse to sleep and he has always nursed a few times during the night, which is really easy because he's lying right next to me....why is this a problem for you?
Oh, I just realized that you posted that your DC is in a sidecar crib....I would definitely try putting your babe in the bed with you. It's much easier IMO. In the morning I don't even really remember waking up to nurse or change his diaper, because he's right next to me and it only takes a sec to open my shirt and put a diaper on him. HTH.
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My ds will be 1yr old next month and he still wants to nurse 1-2 times at night. Sometimes more when he's teething or not feeling well, I would suggest co-sleeping in the same bed, he's right there and sometimes I can't remember even waking up to nurse him, but obviously I have because my shirts wide open.
I also agree with some of the other mommas, don't look at it like a burden it's more of a sweet blessing that goes by much too fast.
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another vote for bringing the babe in bed and side-lying nursing. and a binky. and try to count your blessings that the all-powerful boob works! is there anyway you could go to bed earlier or sleep in later to make up for the nighttime parenting duty?
I get the most sleep when I have my 1 month old DD in bed right up against my body.

She will sleep for 1-2 hours in her pack 'n play, and she'll sleep about 2 hours in the bed but not up against me.

However, if she is cuddled up next to me, she'll sleep for about 4 hours. And she is perfectly content with laying next to me on her back with her head up in my arm pit while I lay on my back, and she is also comfy when I'm laying on my side with my arm curled around her.

I also find that BFing is WAY easier in the middle of the night if we're already laying next to each other. Most of the time, if she starts grunting around for the boob, I can get her latched on before she ever gains consciousness, so getting her back to sleep isn't a problem.

Good luck finding a solution. I know how frustrating and exhausting it is to get no sleep, and there comes a point where you can't just "Buck up" because sleep deprivation will really make you crazy. I know, I've been there.
Agreed with the PPs- bring her in the bed. She will probably sleep longer with contact, and nursing will be easier.
6 months is just rough for sleep.

Bring baby to your bed and nurse as needed.

Like so many pp's have said, it's all normal. It won't last forever though. Really, one day she will not be nursing all night long. But now it is what she needs.

I know it's rough and can be very frustrating, but like other mamas suggested, if you bring her into your bed, won't you be able to sleep better, too?
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