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Boob Question, for those who have weaned...

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DD is a little over 2, and for a while now has been slowly cutting back her nursing. Now she will go for a few days without asking, and when she does it is only for less than 5 mintues. SHe does one side, then the other, then says "done". She really isn't even wanting to nurse anymore. I know she is just about weaned, but I was wondering about my milk supply, and my boobs
How long will it take for my milk to "dry up" and my boobs to get back to their normal (or natural) size? I am really not feeling "full" anymore, since she has been slowly cutting back for the last few months, but they do both still have milk. I have had her try to nurse if I feel uncomfortable, but that has been about a week or so since I felt that way, and it was just enough to relieve the pressure. How long will I continue to make milk? Could I re-lactate if she decided she wanted more?

My first one weaned when I was PG w/ #2 and my milk all dried up, so I'm kind of new to the natural weaning, last time there were no boob issues, just no milk all of a sudden. So far it seems to be going just fine, I am just worried about the milk thing, does it just re-absorb into the body? Does it come out? WIll I feel the pressure build up every few days,a nd need to pump? How exactly does natural weaning happen?
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DD2 weaned 3 months ago, and I think within 2 weeks, I had no more milk. She was nursing once a day, every 3-4 days. I did get a little swollen, but not much, and it wasn't painful. Unfortunately, my breasts did not shrink.
My daughter weaned about 3-4 months ago, she was nursing 1x/day, sometimes more or less(she was about 33 months). I still have a little milk, if I attempt to get it out, but Im back to normal boob wize,(hardness, fullness and such). Unfortuantely, they stayed enormous.
ds2 weaned last sept and every now and then I get some milk. It takes a LONG time to be completely gone. My boobs haven't gotten much smaller since weaning.
Mine had just gotten back to "normal" when my daughter turned 14.

I had a few years then I decided to have another.
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Thanks, I don't think she's quite done yet, she did want to nurse yesterday, but hasn't asked since then. She goes several days now between nursings. I hope mine don't go down too much, I"m still really small even when nursing
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My breasts were back to my pre-pg size by the time DS was a year old and still nursing like crazy. Of course, this particular "pre pg size" was after having 2 kids already!

My breasts didn't change at all when he weaned- they get bigger and smaller as I gain and lose weight though. Well, they did change a little after weaning- being a little fuller than "normal' when DS first stopped, and there was some discomfort/tingling as my body adjusted to no milk, but there wasn't any significant change in bra size.

I'm saggier now than I was before having kids. That's just what happens.
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