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Boobears Corner?

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Is anyone familiar with them? I placed an order on Oct !, and never got a confirmation, though my card has been charged. I have emailed several times, and my DH has even called and left messages. I am beginning to worry alittle!

I know i am probably just impatient but i really would love at least a confirmation that my HHs will ship soon!

Should i keep calling? I hate to be a pain, but at this point i really am not sure what to do!

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When I was researching about diapers and diaper stores, several people recommmended BooBearsCorner. I never shopped there, but people said it was good.
The name sounded familiar so I went to where I remembered reading a few not so good reviews about her service. Heres a link to them... Boo Bear Review
hth some
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oh no! i had read good reviews on diaper pin.

i hope she and her son are ok.

thanks for the info.

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I am an acquantance of the momma who runs this - haven't talked to her in a long time - just wanted to say I hope she and ds get better real soon!
i ordered from there a little over a month ago and got pretty slow service. i didn't get a confirmation of shipping, but it did eventually end up here (a little bit on the wrong side but it still worked out okay).
She contacted me.

No more worries! :)
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