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book/cd swap

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Is there somewhere on here where there is a swap I have read about. Do homeschoolers have a cd/book swap? I really am wanting to get the alpha omega complete 3rd grade switched on schoolhouse. Also learning style I was told is the first thing I need to determine. Anyone have a simple question/ answer type test to determine this? I have heard there is a test you can give for this and it is simple hopefully some of you more experienced mama's out there can enlighten me. We are switching to homeschool this year for 3rd grade. TIA mama's.
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There's a book/CD swap running right now on the Trading Post Swaps board, but it's not exclusive to HSing. I THINK there's a Yahoo Group for curriculum swapping--I'm pretty sure I saw it when I was searching for something the other day. Or you could post an ISO on the TP ISO board and see if anyone wants to trade with you.

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