Welcome to the Book Club Forum!

What is a book club?
A book club is a group of members who commit to meet for a time to either discuss one particular book, or to discuss a specialized interest or genre.

Who can run a book club?
Any member willing to commit to facilitating discussion. Please note that MDC book clubs are open to all members. Expect a lively discussion with some friendly debate (within the User Agreement, of course)!

How do I start a book club?
Simply start a thread here with information on your book club. Include the book title and author, a brief description, and a tentative plan for how you'll discuss your book.

What's the difference between a book club thread and a regular book thread?
Threads that are just saying "Hey, did anyone else read this?' or "What do you think" belong out in the regular forum. Book Club threads are for focused discussion of a book, author, genre, or topic of interest over time.

What else might be in this forum?
Every now and then, we may ask that a thread that is focused on a "hot" book or new release might be moved here, out of concern for spoilers. For example, the final Harry Potter book.

Are there any additional rules for this forum?
We ask that you please
~ not have spoilers in titles.
~ keep in mind MDC's stance on adult content.
~ always include the book title in your thread title, should your discussion venture into more than one thread.
~ on "chapter threads," please do not include spoilers for future chapters.
~ use spoiler tags when indicated:

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(In the editor bar)

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Thanks to moderator annettemarie for composing these Forum Guidelines!