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I picked up this book at the library hoping I could find an inexpensive way for the boys to weave a fabric "tartan" next week when we study the British Isles, and I found so much more!

It's a great little book and starts with weaving paper cards and placemats, but not the standard construction paper variety. They suggest using scrapbook paper or cardstock, even photos to weave paper products that are artful.

Then they move on to working on a cardboard loom (this will be what we weave our tartans on) and include little projects for the cardboard loom, including a little treasure bag and the most adorable little dolls you've ever, ever seen!

After the cardboard loom, there are instructions on how to build a pipe loom out of 13' of PVC pipe (very simple and inexpensive!) and then there are projects for the pipe loom: a dog collar, belt, shoelaces, friendship bracelets, a little passport sized tote bag, an afghan, little rugs and coasters. There's also a section on yarn dying and weaving around the world.

It's a VERY COOL little book and I'll be sad to send it back to the library in two weeks (or a month!)!
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