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Book Swap?

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Is anyone interested in swapping books? I just finished The Other End of the Leash and its a great read. I am looking for another good dog/training book and figured I could loan out mine and get one in return to borrow and its cheaper than buying a bunch of books. Anyone interested? Whatcha got?
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As soon as I get it back from a friend, I have "Animals in Translation," by Temple Grandin. It's a fascinating look at animal behavior, written by someone with autism. She says she's able to analyze and "understand" animals better than neuro-typical people, because animals and people with autism process sensory input in similar ways.

It's so, so interesting, and made a lot of sense.

A warning, though...she designs slaughterhouses for a living, so if you're sensitive to that type of thing, you probably wouldn't enjoy the book. It's not terribly graphic, but she's very matter-of-fact about her work at designing humane slaughterhouses.
I have a huge bookshelf of dog you have any particular requests? I probably don't need to swap, but I'd be happy to lend.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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