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I had trouble finding Orton Gillingham books for my dyslexic learner so I decided to write them for her. Given how hard it is to find those kinds of books, I decided to release them for sale. They follow an Orton-Gillingham (phonics) progression so are perfect for both dyslexic learners and phonics readers.

You can check them out at or you can preview them here.

The best value is to buy the 5 books in one volume. However, some kids prefer the individual books because they're easier to hold and they can say, "I just read this WHOLE book."

I've written a book I give away for free that gives an introduction to teaching a dyslexic learner. It's called Teaching a Struggling Reader: One Mom's Experience. It's a fast read, but it has tons of links. It's available free from numerous online booksellers, but you can get it from amazon by clicking here.
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