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Books for trade

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I'll set prices for these (prefer Paypal) but I'd really rather swap for them. See my ISO list at the bottom. All prices include postage (media mail).

Mother Massage by Elaine Stillerman, some fading on cover. $7

Birthing Normally by Gayle Peterson, $7

Breastfeeding, a holistic handbook, by Adamson and Kays, $6

Nature's Children, a guide to organic foods and herbal remedies by Juliette de Bairacli-Levy (1971 edition) $4

Sacred Space by Denise Lynn, $8

Exhibitionism for the Shy by Carol Queen, $8

Listen Up, voices from the next feminist generation, $7

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book (missing fairy sticker) $13

My ISO list, or try me:

Serger cones, bright colors or rainbow
Wool roving for felt balls
Fabric - yard squares of interesting fabric, any amount of cute girly flannel prints
Procion dyes, any color
Essential oils
cotton candle wick, no metal
soap molds
candle molds
Bummis SWW (no snaps) prints preferred, size med
Med Fuzzibunz with stuffers, prefer Joeybunz or micro inserts
Pink/red Snappis (actually anything but white, yellow, mint green would be lovely!)
Premium CPFs
WAHM diapers/covers to fit long 17 pound girl to try out
9-12 month sized girly outfits with fairies or other mythical creatures
9-12 month sized Carters Eric Carle outfits in yellow or red
9-12 month sized Carters cotton girly clothes
9-12 month sized cute girly light coat for winter
Girly Robeez in 6-12 mo
Super Baby Food Book
Nature's Path to Supreme Health, David Freedom and Tierra True
Fairy wings for a 2ish girl or a pattern for sewing fairy wings
Baby toys for 6 mo old - wooden toys, cloth dolls, teethers
Wooden/natural/waldorf toys for 2 ish girl
UTN toys
JoMamaCo/Nova Naturals toys
soft baby doll with plastic head and hands, either gender in GC
Carters Emu frog print blanket
Keeper/divacup/mooncup (prefer new), after vaginal childbirth size
Sea pearls (new)
Kitchen aid mixer (hahaha I'm so funny)
heavy Oneida dinner sized forks (mismatched ok)
digital gram kitchen scale, measures in .1 gram increments
small metal espresso pitcher
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Bumping for you Saturday night swappers.
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I have some stuff on your ISO. Procion dyes, serger cones, Med FB, maybe some other stuff I wasn't planning on unloading quite yet, but might just for you.

I am interested in some of those books. Pm or email, we'll talk.

eta: I have a ton of fabric
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