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My trade list is towards the bottom of the posting.

Prices do not include shipping, but I will charge actual shipping, so please include your zip

The books are all probably used, so you can expect some wear. Some books
have a number written inside the front cover...some have a name and/or phone
number inside the front cover, a couple have the front page corner clipped.
Some might have a black mark on the bottom of the book. Some have a price
sticker still remaining or a sticky spot where the sticker was. All the books are
still readable, just some may have some little things.

If you want the condition of a specific book, please ask, I'm more than
willing to type it up, just don't want to type all these up if at all

Please see my trade list, etc. at the bottom. Thanks, Sara


Rice & Pasta a 2 in 1 cookbook. (tells about the different types of rice/pasta, also has homemade pasta recipe, plus other recipes with rice or pasta). $2.00

Fix-It and Forget-it cookbook: feasting with your slow cooker. $5.00

500 Treasured Country Recipes by Storey Books. Huge recipe book...I'm just trying to narrow down my cookbook collection! $6.00

The Mr. Food Cookbook by Art Ginsburg $1.00

Kids' Ideas with frozen dough by Rhodes bake n serve. (waffle wiggles, busy
bees, halloweiners, and frosty the doughman are just a few of the kid
friendly creations to make and bake with rhodes kids' ideas recipe book)

Better Homes & Gardens complete quick and easy cookbook $1.00

TERMS: If buying outright, buyer pays actual shipping. I have a digital postal scale
so I can figure out shipping costs once I have your zip code.

If buying, I can accept money orders or Paypal, but no debit or credit card paypal(please ask if you don't
understand that part).

Also, if you want to trade, please include prices with your list so I know
how much the value is for your items.

Things I'm willing to trade for:

Either a dvd or video of "Postnatal Exercise for mom and baby" put out by
Freya Fitness

Plus size sleeping bra(I wear about a size 18 pre-pregnancy). I had a Fancee Free one with my second son, and I loved it!! I'm
looking for something preferrably without buckles or snaps....kind of just pulls over your head...

Childbirth/pregnancy cds(relaxation for childbirth and/or pregnancy type of cds).

Gift cards to: Walmart, Target, Super America, etc.

"The Childbirth Manual" By Sandra Roberge
Waiting for the Sun by Alison Lohans
Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth, Third Edition by Jeannine Parvati Baker
Christ Centered Childbirth by Kelly J. Townsend
Nine Months and Counting: Bible Promises and Bright Ideas for Pregnancy and
After by Alice Zillman Chapin
Pregnancy: The Miracle Journey by Jessica Lee Kelly
We Gave Birth Together : Color Photographs and Dialogue of the Work, the
Joy, and the Emotions of Childbirth by Elisabeth D. Bing

Thanks for your time!! SARA
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