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Due to several deadbeat buyers, I have some readded to the list that were supposed
to be sold, but they never sent me payment. I also added a couple new ones.

I have a list of homeschooling books too if you are interested,

Prices do not include shipping, but I'll ship media mail for cheapest
shipping unless you request otherwise. If buying, I can get a timely
money order(meaning I receive within 1 week of you getting my mailing
address...Out of 3 people sending money orders last time, only 1 ever
came through with sending their payment) or paypal. More info at bottom.

If buying, please let me know how you will pay and your zip code.

My trade list is at the bottom.I don't have many boxes on hand, so it may take a few
days to get books shipped, so please know that in advance.

The books are all probably used, so you can expect some wear. Some books
have a number written inside the front cover...some have a name and/or phone
number inside the front cover, a couple have the front page corner clipped.
Some might have a black mark on the bottom of the book. Some have a price
sticker still remaining or a sticky spot where the sticker was. All the
books are still readable, just some may have some little things.
The books are in no particular please read the whole list!! ;-)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Don't Drink YOur Milk: new frightening medical facts about the world's most overrated nutrient. There is an inscription
inside the front cover and the back cover has a bend in it. $3.00

The Pregnancy Book: month by-month everything you need to know from America's baby experts. By Dr. Sears $5.00

The Birth Partner: everything you need to know to help a woman through childbirth by Penny Simkin. $4.00

A Gynecologist's Second Opinion The questions and answers you need to take
charge of your health. $4.00

Nature's Pharmacy: break the drug cycle with safe natural treatments for
200 everyday ailments. $5.00

The Best Alternative Medicine $4.00

The Oxford book of Health Foods. (vitamins, minerals, cereals, nuts, herbal medicine and many more). $5.00

Maternal Fitness: preparing for a healthy pregnancy, an easier labor and a quick recovery. $4.00

PMS: premenstrual syndrome self help book: a woman's guide to feeling good all month. The
first completely practical all-natural master plan for relieving over 150 symptoms of PMS by
Susan Lark. There are some check lists in this book, and a few of them do have some check marks. $4.00

Fibromyalgia & Chronic myofascial pain syndrome: a survival manual. This is a huge book. Inside the front cover is a bunch of notes. Inside the book there is marking and highlighting. $6.00

Mamatoto: a celebration of birth. This book has awesome pics of mamas, birth and babies. The dustjacket has a corner clipped off it. $6.00

The Breast Cancer Prevention diet: the powerful foods, supplements, and drugs that can save your life. $4.00

The unofficial guide to overcoming infertility. The inside scoop on causes and treatments of infertility, an unbiased, no-nonsense appraisal of the best available therapies, all the critical facts you need to know to explore your options. $5.00

Feeding your allergic child. Happy food for healthy kids. 75 proven recipes free of: wheat, dairy, corn, and egggs for the millions of miserable children(and their parents) suffering from food allergies. $4.00

Special kids need special parents: a resource for parents of children with special needs. $3.00

Vegetarian Pregnancy: the definitive nutritional guide to having a healthy baby. $4.00

God's design for sex. book 4 for ages 11 to 14. Facing the Facts: the truth about sex and you. $3.00

The ovulations method of natural family planning: third edition. $3.00

Menopausal Years Wise Woman Ways by susun Weed. (herbal menopause book). $4.00

Don't Eat this book: fast food and the supersizing of America. Cover shows wear. $3.00

Doctor's Guide to chronic pain: the newest, quickest and most effective ways
to find relief. Including: arthritis, back pain, cancer pain, carpal tunnel, chronic
fatigue, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine and other
headaches, neck pain, PMS. $5.00

The holistic guide to optimal health for men: don't settle for just feeling ok: thriving. Cover has
some wear and partial sticker remaining. $4.00

The Great Physician's RX for health & wellness. Seven keys to unlock your health potential. (From
what I remember, he gives similiar advice to Weston Pierce and Nourishing Traditions, but it's
a Religious based book). $5.00

I love you rituals: fun activities for parents and children that: boost brain power, encourage cooperation
and caring, promote learning and literacy, increase attention and decrease power struggles, build
bonds of unconditional love. $4.00

Eat Right for your baby. The individualized guide to fertility and maximum health during pregnancy, nursing, and your baby's first
year. $4.00

The Prenatal Yoga deck: 50 poses and meditations. This is still in the plastic, however a little part of the plastic must have gotten
caught on something, so there's about a quarter sized rip in the plastic. $6.00

The Fertility Plan: a holistic program for conceiving a healthy baby. $4.00

How to talk to your baby. A guide to maximizing your child's language and learning skills. $2.00

Keep your kids safe on the internet. $3.00

Battling the MSG myth: a survival cookbook. This includes cards to cut out to share with friends that
tell some other names for has been cut out. But there are 6 left. This is spiral bound, and
one of the spiral thingies isn't staying tucked in like it's supposed to. $10.00

Genetically Engineered Food: a self-defense guide for consumers. The risks to you and the environment;
foods and brands you should buy and where you can find them; strategies to reduce your exposure. $4.00

Mayo Clinic on Headache by Jerry W., M.D. Swanson $2.00

How to Live with a Nut Allergy by Chad Oh and Carol Kennedy $3.00

Dentistry Without Mercury A health information book to answer
questions you may have on why there whould be(dentistry without mercury) by
Sam Ziff, Michael F. Ziff, and Alfred V. Zamm $4.00

Brain Fitness Kit. Delta Sleep system: fall asleep and wake up refreshed. Included (according to the back of the package) 2-disc soundtrack featuring two hours of lush musical soundscapes combined with natural brainwave patterns. Aromatherapy balm to calm your mind and relax your body, brain fitness card deck that illustrates yoga positions and breathing techniques specifically chosen to enhance the effects of the cds. Instructional booklet detailing how to integrate the Delta sleep brain fitness kit into your busy life. This is new, still in plastic. $8.00


I'm being really fussy on trades right now as money is tight and we are trying to declutter....thanks for understanding.

Things I'm willing to trade for:

Mei Tai with wrap shoulders

Ellaroo Wrap(4.6m or 5.1m) or another woven wrap those lengths.

Maya Wrap lightly padded

The following books:

Animal tracks of Minnesota & Wisconsin

Mammals of Minnesota field guide

Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls

More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls

Paypal-if paying by credit/debit card paypal, you will need to pay the paypal fees(which I can figure out for you). Otherwise, if paying with funded paypal to my personal account, there are no fees to you. Please let me know which way you would be paying(credit or non credit) as I have a different email address for them. I can also get a timely money order or well-concealed cash(at your own risk). If you want to mail me payment. I need to receive it within 1 week of you getting my address, and I would like you to email me to let you know when you mail payment. Too many people say they are going to mail payment and it never comes and they dissapear off the face of the earth when I email them. Thanks!!
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