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Books on parenting adopted children?

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Hi! I have a friend who is in the process of adopting a child from foster care. She is the same age as my ds. What a great little girl! Very bright and sweet. My friend is a natural, like a duck to water (followed by a cute little duckling!)

My friend's partner had pretty terrible parenting growing up and has basically no idea how to interact with her new foster-going-to-be-adopted daughter. I recommended my favorite gentle discipline book to them, Becoming the Parent You Want to Be. (Because my son is so naturally sweet and easygoing, people think I know what i'm talking about, ha ha ha ha
) Do you have additional recommendations for me to give them that address adoption? There are a lot of traumatic circumstances that have brought this child to her new moms.

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Tapestry books has a great selection of adoption related books.

There are a variety of issues that the child might have, and the book recommendations would depend on what those issues are. You can browse the site by category.

Two general books I'd recommend are Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew and Real Parents, Real Children: Parenting the Adopted Child.

There is a good section on the web site for attachment disorder books, if that is an issue in this situation. I've heard good things about Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children and Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow, but can't speak about them personally.
I second the two books mentioned. Also might want to try Raising Adopted Children. I would definetly go to Tapestry Books though.
I really like Raising Adopted Children by Lois Ruskai Melina.
If I had it to do over again and were only going to read one book, it would be Deborah Gray's "Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents."
We haven't read them yet, but books recommended to us for foster parenting and foster-adopting were:

_Journey Through Placement_
_A Secure Base_
_Children Who Shock and Surprise_ and
_Love Is Not Enough_

I don't know the authors.
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