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Books, resources for benefits of specific foods...

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Hello all. I'm looking for a book, resource, and/or website that has descriptions of benefits and harmful effects of foods. My diet can definitely be improved and the primary thing I'd like to get out of the improvement is an increase in energy. Since I'm not looking to lose weight, I don't want to 'diet', just make better informed decisions. So, I'm not really looking for suggestions on meal plans and such. I'm looking for a write up on lots of different foods and what they can do for my body.

I've read Eat to Live and several other books like that, but I don't want a 'plan', I want information and then I can choose my plan.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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mz_libbie - Thank you very much for that site ~ it's exactly what I was hoping to find!!!
VEry interesting site. Nothing I have read has seemed like the info was correct on alot of the specific foods. I wish I had a book to recommend!
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