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Born to be a vegetarian?

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My oldest daughter has NEVER liked red meat. Actually she has never been interested in most meats. She loves veggies and salads. Broccoli is her fav food. She is 8yrs old. I am not a vegetarian nor is anyone else in my family. So this lack of interest in meat in strange to us. My question is this:

Do you think being a vegetarian is a choice or do you think certain people are just made up to require less/no meat? I really think she would be very comfortable not eating any red meat and getting most of her protein elsewhere.

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I personally think it's a choice, not something we're wired for. But I think that choice is based largely on how we are raised by our parents. After all... my daughter who has been vegan since birth simply doesn't know what animal flesh tastes like. It's possible she would like it, it's possible she would become violently ill if she ate it. I really don't know.
I think vegetarianism is a choice- I think though some people (like myself) prefer the taste of veggies, grains and such to meat. Meat has a very unusual texture when you think about it.
Yeah texture is a big part of it. I remember her around age two. She would chew a piece of meat for an hour and then finally spit it out. she refused to eat steak. The texture grossed her out.
I am veg and planned on raising ds this way, despite dh's desire for him to be a "normal" boy and eat meat like everyone else.
Ds loves his fruities and veggies, he does eat imit. chix nuggets and soy burgers..and loves tofu. Often times dh tries to give him meat and he will turn his head and not open his mouth or he will spit it out now dh thinks I've "ruined" him.
I really think that had I given him meat, he would eat it no prob. He just chooses not to now...and I am sooo proud of him!
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