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Hi Marcie,

Maimo is 10-12,000/year for the lower grades. In case you were thinking of it, there is a growing Jewish HS community here! We have a Yahoo group--NEJHS (New England Jewish HS'ers)

There isn't a lot of multi-family houses in the area of Brookline that's near the shuls (Newton is similar). The 1/2 of multis that I've seen are in the $400,000 range (we recently saw one for $450,000 that was 1600 sq. feet in an okay area of Brookline [not great, though]--3 br's and 1 bath). For us, it's too much $. If you also have this issue, then Providence is a good bet! In MA, Sharon (which has a big "crunchy" Jewish community and a strong Carlebach minyan) is good although very far from Boston, and Malden is an up-&-coming Orthodox area just north of Boston. They have an eruv that was just completed, and it will probably be the next big Jewish area around here (you can get a nice single family there for in the low 400's. check out to see places)

hth! shana tova!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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