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I'm starting school today and my sister is coming to watch DS. He's 5 months and I've really only been away from him 3 or 4 times, so I'm still a little clueless about bottles. The couple of times he's had a bottle I've used the playtex ventaire ones that I've gotten free every time I've gone to Motherhood to by a nursing tank. BUT I've been putting them in the dishwasher and now people are telling me that the dishwasher does something to the plastic and I shouldn't use them any more. So question number 1 is: is that true?
Question number 2 is: what's the deal with nipple speeds? I bought the medela glass bottles, and I'd like to have my sister use those, since I'm pretty weary of plastic now. But they came with medium flow nipples and the bottles are a little different than regular medela bottles, so the slow flow nipples don't fit quite right. At 5 months is medium okay? I remember seeing age recommendations somewhere when I bought the bottles and now I can't find the info.
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