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Bottle liners work for breast milk storage?

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Just curious if the bottle liners used in some bottles could be used as storage bags (and be frozen)?

I am trying to find ways to freeze/store and ship breastmilk that are cheaper than usual. So far, I am buying "new in package" breastmilk storage bags on eBay. But I am wondering if bottle liners that seal (??) are just as good or not?

Any other ideas, cheaper ways (not Ziploc bags though!), etc. welcomed - I am freezing and then possibly shipping (with dry ice). But the cost of the bags will be on me for the most part. I am trying to stock up in advance.

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I used baby bottle liners and rubber bands years ago to store pumped bm and it froze just fine and defrosted easier according to the daycare. I also found that it saved storage space. Keep in mind that this was years ago. I have no experience with dry ice. Are you donating?
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I used plain old bottle liners and avant clips with dd, I did double the bags though....and the rubberbands would be cheaper/weigh less for shipping. Good Luck!!!
The first package of bottle liners I bought said that they were fine for storing/freezing milk. I think they were for the Playtex bottles. That was with DD1, though, who never actually successfully USED the bottle, and ended up snatching the roll of liners and decorating the kitchen with them. So I can't actually tell you how well they work. We never got that far with them.
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most bottle liners ARE breastmilk storage bags as well. the playtex ones you have to use a rubberband but some of the others have ziploc closers that are nice. but they all work and are all about the same price.
The problem with using any bags is waste!!!!!Because these bags are a continued cost, we put what ever amount of ebm in them and when we need to thaw and make a bottle, we have to thaw 2 or more bags to get one bottle!!!
: That is why I invented a better way.....Milk Trays allows moms to freeze ebm in single ounce servings that also fit into any bottle on the market!!!! That way when babies bottle is made, it is made to order....If she needs 3 oz grab 3 Milk Sticks melt and serve!!!

It has worked great for me, I am hoping to convert more moms to freezing their ebm this way it is best for them and for their babies.
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Well, I would be freezing milk in LARGE quantities, so bags it would be for me. I looked into different trays, but ultimately it's more time and I still end up using bags (to ship milk or at least deliver locally).

Thank you all! I'll have to check out some different liners and see which I like.
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