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Bottle ?

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I'm curious when you dc stopped taking a bottle. My dd is 16 months and still has about three or four bottles of milk when I am at work. (I stopped pumping about a month ago and she drinks cow's milk in her bottles now.) She nurses like a newborn when I am around. She hasn't really taken to sippy cups much but loves to drink water out of a glass or a water bottle. I would kind of like to be done with the whole bottle thing but I think she probably still enjoys the sucking--which she would be doing if I was at home. So, when did your dc give up a bottle? Did you encourage it or did they give it up on their own?

I posted here because I figured the children of WOHM were more likely to have had a bottle.
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I stopped at a year. That's when I introduced cow's milk, or soy milk in the case of my younger one. Sippy cups worked fine and DS continued to nurse until 2-1/2. (My daughter was weaned prior to a year.)

I wouldn't take away the bottle if your child had a screaming fit about it. But I probably would try over a time period to eliminate it. At some point it becomes an issue with teeth doesn't it? Plus it's just a grind to keep up with them if you're not longer pumping and there's no real reason to have them.
My dd was about 12 months, maybe 13 months when she stopped the bottle completely. We introduced the sippy cup and a straw cup to her and she used that off and on until a year and then when we moved to milk full time, she got either a sippy cup or straw cup. We transitioned her slowly, but by the time we cut out all the bottles, I packed 'em up and they were out of sight. She had no problems with it.
DD was drinking less & less from a bottle by the time I stopped pumping at 1 yr. I'd get home & there'd be a bottle sitting around w/ 3 oz. of mm in it...

Anyway, we still nurse nights/wkds, and last wk I had to be away from her for approx 36 hours & pumped 2ce (got 11 oz! I was wondering how much I was producing). Tried having dh give it to her in bottles over the next few days, and she barely took any at all. Makes me sad to waste the milk, but otoh I think she's forgotten how to drink from a bottle!

I think we gradually introduced sippys btwn 10-12 months. She likes playtex & avent the best. Have you tried just playing around w/ different brands? Also, if she's taking water out of a cup or water bottle, she may prefer the faster flow. You could try taking the flow plugs out of the sippy cup & see what happens.

Tried that w/ dd & she had great fun watching all the water drip-drip-drip out onto her tray, then splashed in it.
We'll be waiting awhile before trying THAT again!
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DD weaned herself from the bottle a year. You might try not offering it. Offer something in a cup about the time she would take a bottle. Just a thought.

Lyndsey's mom
Are Harper and Aaron long-lost cousins or something? For 2 kids that wouldn't take the darn thing in the first place...

We had the hardest time bottle-weaning him. He's super-verbal for his age, and it's hard when he goes to the cabinet where he knows we keep the bottles, points, and says bottle and milk very clearly!

We talked, talked, and talked. Every time he'd ask for a bottle, we'd offer a cup first. Sometimes he'd take it, sometimes he'd insist on a bottle. When we gave him the bottle, we told him that he wouldn't need them soon.

It actually worked pretty well - he stopped asking for the bottles, and just for milk and cup. He's been bottle-free for about 2 weeks now.
Both of my children went onto the sippy cup at around one year. DD would drink out of anything, but I think it took about 5 tries to find a cup that DS liked.

Okay, now the embarrassing bit..... My two still like milk out of a sippy cup......
: I guess we'll just give them up when they're too disgusting to drink out of or they fall apart.

also, I think the bottle/ teeth thing is only a worry if they sleep with it.... not exactly sure tho.....
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