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This on-line site has the BEST deals with bras and such for nursing, free shipping too:

but it's also a local (to me) store! So, I went in the other day and she is selling off ALL her maternity and nursing shirts, and they are by far the cutest I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! The brand is mothertwobe and they are total style.

She said she isn't posting them on her website (see above) but I thought I would tell you all and you could e-mail her and get the scoop, it's worth it if you want something special. I got a shirt that is originally over $55 for $20, it's cuter than my non-nursing stuff, I got it for when I am out somewhere nice with hubby, makes it much easier on me to have easy access.

Pass it along to whomever needs a great deal on some fantastic top, I have no financial gain from this, just know it's a fantastic deal and she will most likely work with you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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