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bowing to the Goddess of Wool

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because I just got the 2 most beautiful knitted woolies in the mail today!!

NanasWoolies frilly ribbed shorts
LTK frilly soaker

Both fit like a glove
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how cute!!! both the baby and the wool.
What a beautiful babe you have!! And she's got some nice wool too!
I especially love the colors of the LTK!!
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Oh, those are both so cool! And a sweet little babe
My fingers are aching to squeeze those cheeks!
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Oh!! That's the new LTK soaker pattern!!!! Tell us all about it!!!!
CUUUUUUUTE!!!! What a doll she is! (I know I say that every time I see a pic of her - but its true!)

The LTK is even prettier in person than the pics show. The yarn is pretty snazzy as each strand has 3 strands and one strand takes the dye a bit darker than the other 2, gorgeous!

The elastic makes for a nice snug fit, no worries over a drawstring or the waist stretching out. It does make it a bit of a struggle to get the soaker on since the elastic is so strong but I'm sure with some more uswe it will loosen up a bit.

Renates new pattern with the ribbing thru the entire body & the diamond crotch makes a perfect fit like a glove style. Its nice & snug but has sooo much stretch up and down!
She is so are the woolies!
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