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Bowling Ball?

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Everyone keeps asking me if I feel like there is a bowling ball between my legs yet. When I say no they say that I am not close to being in labour yet, how true is this? Can the baby drop one day and I'll be in labour the next?

Also, I have been extremely moody the last couple of days and emotional. Is this a sign?
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YOu could be "Dropped" for a week and not feel like there's a bowling ball and not go into labor yet. This is really common for first time babies too, to drop and then wait a while (week or more) and for subsequent babies dont' drop till labor starts or even until delivery! I never felt like I had a bowling ball between my legs. I felt like I had a baby squishing my bladder!
But the atvantage to that is that I could breath easier.
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Even after my babies had dropped I never had that bowling ball feeling, but then I also never had the waddle. I guess my child bearing hips are good for a few things.
I never had the bowling ball feeling until the morning I was in labor though I know that dd had dropped some before that.

The moody/emotional thing could be a sign...or not...but just try to keep a positive additude and mentally prepare yourself. Walk alot and rock in a chair or bounce on a birthing ball to open your hips and tell that kid to get ready to dive. Never underestimate the power of your own mind.

It won't be long til you're holding that sweet babe in your arms.

Good luck to you!
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