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Boy Name Help?

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Here are names we have so far - we obviously like the old man names and names that start with "e"...Any other suggestions? Any favorites? The middle name will be Michael (family name), and our first name starts with a "sh" so Seamus would be out.

Elijah (called Eli)
Leopold (called Leo)

Ones that I like but my husband doesn't:
Arlo, August, Oscar, Romare
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OK, I love August and Oscar (in fact, Oscar was one of our boy names), but I also understand the no-budging dad thing, so I have to say I like them all in general, but for some reason LELAND really rocks.

It sounds kind of current to me, but not too much. Sort of unexpected classic. I don't know of any, and know only one of about half of the others. However, Sebastian is getting more and more popular, don't know if that is an issue for you. I know of a few.
I like August too. Its my dad's middle name and I think its pretty cool.
Our boy name might fit your criteria ... Ezra.
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Edison - would get shortened to Ed/Eddie which is too plain for me
Elijah (called Eli) - LOVE the nickname but prefer Elliot for the given name
Elliott - see above (although I'd worry about the Elliott/idiot tease factor)
Emmett - makes me think of that otter movie with the jug band? ok
Franklin - makes me think of the turtle cartoon, and Frank is a bit plain
Julius - my least favorite of your list - seems feminine (Julie/Julia)
Leland - I like it - goes well with Michael too
Leopold (called Leo) - like the nickname but not the given
Oliver - ok
Quentin/Quinton - really like Quentin! but isn't Quinn getting popular for girls?
Roosevelt - interesting and different but would get shortened to Rose...
Sebastian - think this may be my fave from your list, Seb is a great nickname

Ones that I like but my husband doesn't:
Arlo, August, Oscar, Romare - think I pretty much agree with your dh...
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I really like Emmett and Leland, of your list. I also know an Edan, who is the sweetest, brightest little lad I've ever met...
I really like Elijah, Emmett & Julius from your list. They sounds fresh, but timeless.
I love Elijah, though it is a pretty poular name
We almost went with "Julius" but our last name starts with a "Sh" too, and I have a thing about elision, so we chose "Julian" instead. Too bad his paternal grandmother can't seem to remember that and keeps calling him "Julius" anyway.

I love Leland. Emmett makes me think of Emmett Otter, but that's just me.

The others, not so much. Although I'm with you on "Oscar" and "Oliver."

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I never thought I had "rules" when it came to names, but I'm beginning to see that I want a child with a name that he will use. Desmond is Desmond. I don't want a nickname and if I did I would have named him that name. As I search for a name for my new baby boy, I keep running into people who plan to give there children names and call them something else. Guess I'm the odd one out.

Which leads me to liking Eli and Leo as given names, no need for longer versions. I also like Leland and Emmett (nothing wrong with thinking of Emmett otter's jugband and I doubt his peers will).
Hi everyone - thanks for advice, please keep it coming. Here is my take on the nickname issue ... my daughter has a name that could be shortened, but we insist on using the whole name. So I'm absolutely not worried about nicknames unless she chooses it as an adult. My husband goes by his nickname but is happy to have the longer name available. So I guess I can see both ways of it.

I don't know of Emmett Otter - what is that? Is that on children's TV of some sort? The first Emmett that comes to my mind Emmett Till, and my husband says there's a really good football player who has this name (I have no idea about this).

An aside: We are under a lot of pressure about names in our family. My husband's family is holding their breath to see what I'm going to name the baby and are really worried about me giving the baby a "weird" name, which I guarantee you all of these will seem to them. They hated my daughter's name at first, because it was "too oldfashioned". Last night, his grandma said, "Oh we have such MASCULINE names in our family and very normal, I sure hope the baby is named a nice MASCULINE name." We're thinking of just telling them the baby will be named ESPN (pronounced ES-pin).
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i think emmett is an awesome name. unique but not weird.

we had the hardest time choosing a boy's name. girls names are sooooo much easier. we wanted to come up with something cool,unique not weird, not easy to make fun of,etc.
i think we finally came up with something good but i've already seen a couple mommas on here who have named their little boy what we picked.
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Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas is a Muppet twist on the Gift of the Magi. Very cute, but as another pp said, I doubt his peers would think of it. It's not been on tv in years (although I did pick up the DVD a few years ago. I love it! lol!)

Emmett is a cute name, but I think with Michael there would be too many M's, but that's just me. I really like Elijah though. And Oliver too!
I like elliot, (quin)ton, and here is one I love Alder, and Jasper...I know it wasnt on your list
Elijah and Sebastian. I'm also with you on August. It's a very distinguished-sounding name.

Oh, Espn is a great name, too. :LOL
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Oh, I love Oscar. Our son's name is Noah--which may fit your criteria.
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Sebastian was my name of choice had my dd been born a boy. I love that name. My dad swore that my boy would be called "bastard" though.

My 2nd fave is Leland. Very cool & unique.
Elijah is super cool, but does seem to be getting popular. I also love Oliver.
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My favs are Edison and Roosevelt. And I love Arlo too.

Leopold is a close second. Another option would be Aldo, like the naturalist Aldo Leopold.

I like a lot of your other names too. Leland and Franklin jump out at me.

To me the only down side of longer names like Roosevelt would be it would be harder to learn to spell when he was first learning. My name is Charlotte and in first grade our names were written on the front of our desks. I remember leaning over the top of my desk and craning my neck around to read how to spell my name. :LOL But nonetheless I haven't regretted being named Charlotte!

I like names that have significance to you, which I am picking up from your list.
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Well my 4.5 year old is Elijah so obviously I love that name but we are adament that the nickname Eli not be used! We just don't like it because we both went to high school in Amish country (Eli is popular there! :LOL ). I also like Elliot and Julius. I don't think Julius sounds too feminine. about Emmett, the names Emma and Emily are really popular right now and Emmett might sound too similar to Emma.
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