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Boy or Girl? Chinese Gender Prediction (Just for fun)

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I thought it might be fun for us to share what we're supposed to have according to the Chinese gender predictor.

I'm sorry I keep starting so many threads! I should slow down sometime soon
....I'm just so excited to be here!

BTW, the chart says I will have a boy.
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All 3 say girl for me

But I have a 19-month old running around here that those charts say should have testicles and a penis - that 19-month old is a beautiful little GIRL !
The first two say this this one is going to be a boy. The third one I couldn't get to open. I don't care what it is, as long as this one is healthy and gets to join us in 9 months!
But, it's really fun to guess at (esp. since we're not finding out the sex this time).
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The first one says girl. Lol I have three girls already so if this one is it wont be any major surprise! I kinda think I might have a chance at a boy as we dtd right on "o" day so maybe. Really all I care is that this child is healthy.
You're so funny, Michelle! LOL Post away!!

Mine said Girl, Boy, Girl

I hope this baby isn't as gender confused as these charts. LOL!
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One chart said boy the other said girl.

For my already here babies most of the charts said girl for both of them.
2 girls and a boy.......I'm only having one baby, right? LOL!
I've done this on other websites. 3 said boy, 1 said girl.
boy for me!
these and other charts said half girl, half boy... but most that say girl are right about DD #1 being a girl...
I'm in September but I couldn't resist, I love these little things.

My three said GIRL GIRL GIRL! Which is what I'm secretly hoping for....
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hmmmmmm. first one says girl, the other 2 say boy!!!!! This is fun.... I don't have a preference even tho a boy would change things a bit in an all girl household!
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It says I should have a boy. But it also says DD should be a boy
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All three said boy for me.
All of mine say BOY!!! We'll have to see. I hope I can hold out until Dec... We didn't find out with our daughter and it was the best surprise.
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says boy for me.

Its been right both times with my other children.
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