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boy or girl?

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Deep down I think that we probably all have some inkling about whether we're having a boy or a girl ... or at least a guess.

So, anybody want to place any bets?

My best friend is absolutely positive that I'm having a boy. When I ask her why she's so sure, she simply says, "Because how could you have a girl? No, no ... it's a boy."

I mean honestly, who knows? But it sure is fun to guess.
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I'm thinking, "girl," but only because we bd before O that cycle.

Originally Posted by Joan
I'm thinking, "girl," but only because we bd before O that cycle.
Girl for the same reason...I think it was a good 3 days before the odds are in favor of a girl...
Course I'd be happy with either. We won't find out until birth...I love surprises!
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I'm thinking Girl. Just a feeling. And my feeling have proven right in all my pgs so far.
well. i think boy. but my dh and oldest son say girl, and i've been wrong every time so far. i've also come to terms with only having boys, and have decided i wouldn't even know what to do with a girl.

so probobly a girl.
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I'm thinking it's a girl. Dh says it's boy (well that boy/girl twins). I will be more than happy either way.
Well, the Chinese Calendar says I'm having a Girl.. but everyone has been telling me otherwise... I don't care what the sex is as long as it's healthy.
I think girl because we DTD 3 days before O as well.
Everyone in both families really wants this to be a girl. I really could care less either way, but I would like a girl at some point, so if I had one now, I'd have one of each, and there'd be NO pressure on the 3rd, once I talk DH into a 3rd.

MIL wants to sew for a girl (I don't like boutique style boy clothes, so not much sewing she can do for my boy), and my parents have 3 grandsons now, so it's time for a granddaughter!

But we'll see. I love my boy, and would love another one. And I'd love a girl. Either one is great!
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I have no idea

Deep down a girl would be wonderful (I have 2 boys) and my oldest keeps asking for a sister

But maybe I should think boy just in case
As long as its healthy I'm happy!

Really no vibes yet though.
with DS1 I SWORE it was a girl (I think because I wanted one so bad) With DS2 I had strong boy vibes. Maybe latter in this preg I'll have an idea.
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I have a feeling that it's a boy.
I think I'm having a boy. I did the lunar calendar too, which says boy. Everyone in my family and my in-laws all want a boy (it's a family of girls!) so that's a lot of pressure! But my symptoms are different - this time my face is breaking out, I'm more tired, eating more, nauseous but not throwing up. Very different in every way and my last baby was a girl.
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I don't know. Last time I was certain it was a girl. See my signature!

Chinese Calendar says boy this time, but it said girl for DS, so...

I'm just not guessing this time. But I've always been right guessing for other people, so I'm fairly certain my BGF is having a little girl.
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Ugh... the $100,000 question.

See, I don't know. When we called my husband's parents, my MIL **immediately** said it was a girl this time. She was sure about it - she wanted to go out and buy girl clothes right then. (Just as a note, that doesn't bother me - I know it's fun to guess and they absolutely love their grandson - so it's not a favortism thing... they're just excited).

That being said, I think girl - but I'm not sure if it's maternal instinct or power of suggestion. This pregnancy is SO different than that with my son (him - all-day sickness for 32 weeks, **beautiful** skin, not very tired, less moody that PMS... this one - barely queasy, acne galore, exhausted... and my poor, patient, loving husband) - to name a few. Also when we had sex in comparison to when I noticed cm changes - but we weren't timing for a specific sex.

And, like Kerrimoe, Chinese gender chart said my son would be a girl... and now it's saying boy...

Regardless - I'm just excited that we're having a baby!!!!
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I think a girl. I just have that feeling, but we will be happy with either
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Dh and I both feel that this babe is a girl too....but then he also thinks that I'm carrying twins
: guess we'll find out in time...
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Thinking it is a boy but of course one can not be 100% sure until the birth!! Just wanting a healthy baby!!
I don't know, I didn't have any idea with dd either. I'll be happy with whatever comes out.
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