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At a family gathering today, dh's cousin is admiring dd. Keep in mind that dh is almost 6 feet tall, and I'm 5'10", so dd is a MUCH BIGGER baby than his relatives are probably used to seeing. (She's always been 90-95th percentile.) They're all under 5'5" for the most part.

cousin: Wow! She's getting so big! How many bottles of formula does she eat in a day??

me: Actually, I don't know how much she's eating. She's still nursing.

cousin: You still nurse her?? Wow, that's draining.

me: Er...not really... *looks at her like she has 3 heads*

Awkward! *thumbs up* At least she didn't freak out, I guess. I have no idea if she bf her ds or not.

We get to see them all again tonight...wonder what entertaining things people will say to us then.
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