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Boycott "Supernanny"

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What is wrong with TV? Okay, rhetorical question.
But if any of you caught a glimpse of preview for the upcoming "Supernanny" episode, you'd agree with me.
The so-called child expert was scolding a mother for nursing her fourteen month-old dd! She said, "You let her hang on your like koalas!"
OMG! What has the world come to?
First, an airline kicks bans a mom from nursing. Then, this beloved expert is denouncing nursing?
If you find it as troubling as I do, please do not even turn on your TV on Monday, at 9 p.m. Don't give the network and advertisers any reason to air more of this nonsense.

And let me just say that I couldn't nurse past the newborn age. And I envy (and fully support) moms who nurse through toddler years. Occasionally, you see people give them a hard time for doing so in public. It's ridiculous! So I voice out because if I don't, then I'm a complacent.
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I did not see this episode but I really dislike SuperNanny. I think it is so demeaning to have a show that shows parents being told that they aren't parenting correctly. Even if these people do want the help, they need to do it privately and with someone who really respects them and will work with their family and their individual needs. Not someone who is doing it for ratings. Also, the kids get no say about being on television. Would you want your most horrible childhood moments caught on tape for the whole world to judge?
i think everyone is supposed to do the same exact thing and i am so very glad tv is telling us how to live!! after all we need to churn out good little consumers. thank god supernanny can tell us all how stupid we are! shame is so powerful...
in fact, i think i'll email abc with those comments!!!
"Thank you for your comments and/or inquiries. We appreciate your interest in ABC Television Network programming."
thanks CherieBerry!!!!!!!
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I am appalled and just wrote ABC to let them know.
Hello all you gentle and loving attached mamas

I'm feeling very much the same as you about this show - why I watched it, I have no clue. I knew it would cause me emotional distress.

This topic is very important and I would like to see some positive action taken. However, I do want you all to keep in mind our posting guidlines - no, nobody has crossed a line
I just want to jump in here and show my support.
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It's breaking my heart that BFing and CoSleeping have been constantly refered to as hindering development and growth in this episode.
I saw the preview for it and DH turned to me, mouth hanging open and what are we going to do about THAT?
He fired off an email to them this morning.
: And no, we didn't watch it. Do not want ABC to get credit for our household viewing share for that crap.
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I didn't watch!!
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I just sent my comments to ABC. I was so upset last night watching the show. Especially when the poor little girl wanted to nurse before her nap!
Ah. We do not watch TV. And its moments like this that I am really glad that we don't. That just upsets me so much.
I'm sooo down to boycott "Supernanny" and while we are at it, I'm down to boycott "Nanny 911" as well.
I personally think it is just as bad to offer to go on the show with your children for the world to see all. If someone needs advice their are better ways to receive it instead of national tv. Of course, they want people to respond.

However, we are a family without any sort of cable. I guess thats why we are always getting people calling wanting us to take family surveys about movies and such


argh! server busy server busy server busy
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My mom just told me about this episode today...sounded really annoying...why couldn't they just have helped the family without forcing them to wean? And my mom (who is so AP and was an EBF-er) kept saying, you should have seen how the little girl just was exploring and going off on her own afterwards after being so clingy at first.
: Ever heard of editing, mom?????
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Originally Posted by miasandhadleysmom View Post
Also, the kids get no say about being on television. Would you want your most horrible childhood moments caught on tape for the whole world to judge?
: I do wonder about that. A few episodes was the town next to us & they interviewed the teacher and principal on the show. They had a big article in the paper to be sure to watch it! So, everyone knew about it. You just know all the neighbors and school friends watched it. How humiliating for those poor kids!
: Bet that goes in their yearbook!

But, nope, didn't watch this episode--only the local one which was actually pretty decent.
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Does anyone know who the advertisers were? (Or how to find out?) I'd like to write to them too, and let them know we won't be purchasing their products because of a show that potentially harms children's well-being.

I went to this link and said that I would never watch Supernanny again, and would seriously consider watching any ABC program from this point forward; and that I expect ABC and the Supernanny to apologize for airing this episode with dangerous parenting advice regarding breastfeeding.

Originally Posted by CherieBerry View Post
Thanks for the link-this show is dangerous B.S.
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