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I started part-time diaper free with my son at four weeks. He is six weeks now. I started out holding him over the sink, but he is getting to be too heavy.

I was very excited to get my Baby Bjorn Potty Chair yesterday. I held him over it, and he peed all over me.
Granted, I was trying the advanced move of feeding him while on the chair. But, even this morning, just doing regular squat holds over the potty seat insert, it was tricky to make sure that he aimed inside.

Does anybody have any recommendations for how to make the Baby Bjorn work with a baby boy? Or any other suggestions of what would work better for a me with an infant of six weeks (10 lbs)?

Also, he isn't seem to like it. He did take a pee this morning, but he was crankier than usual, and only made a trickle. Advice appreciated.
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