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Boys clothes- 0-2T Need paypal NOW! Buy one get one!

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I hope someone can use these things! The childrens clothes are mostly 1$ plus shipping or less.
I have removed sold items!
The adult clothes are all 3$ plus shipping. They are all practically brand new- some actually are!

Please take a look!
Thank you so much!
And click on the boys clothes albums- or the Sizes you are looking at. Thanks!
There are also pics of mens shorts and womens shorts there too!

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hi i am interested in 18 month jean osh gosh shorts (will they fit over a cloth bum?)
and if keagan clothes 018 and 020 (shirts) are 18 months or older, i would like those too.
p.s how much do u think shipping would be to canada
Oh man... No I do not think they would fit over a cloth dipe.... Sorry! They are tight around the waist- the shirts are both 12 month.
Make some offers- I am willing to go lower for a bunch of items!
How about buy one get one 1/2 off! I do not want to move this stuff!

hi me again
i am interested in rugby shirt, orange sweatshirt, and the 2 2t t shirts.
gotta dash as starting work, will cjeck back later.
if any other 18 month stuff lmk
Great! I will take pics of all the 18 month and 2 T stuff. I have a ton- I just have been working my way up. I have lots of pants for some reason...
HI. I am adding more pics now.
Scubamom- I will give you all the 18-24 month stuff for $20.
There is some pretty nice stuff like osh kosh overalls and new sleepers and stuff. I really like the vests.. There are also 5 onesies some jeans and a bunch of dress pants and sweat pants.
Let me know if you are interested.
There would 45 items in that.
im interested but i am scared how much shipping would be.
How could we estimate it? to newfoundland canada a1x 2a7
Just sent you a PM!
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PM me your actual address and I will try and see- the usps website said the zip had to be in just numbers?
Free for shipping!
Maternity clothes
Sandals for women- sz 8.5
Sandals Toddler Sz 6.
Mens shorts size 38 waist
Books on Homebirth

I have some mens shorts that I could trade

~ 3 pairs of gently worn Wrangler jean shorts. Faded, but still lots of wear left. Size 38 (asking $6 plus shipping for all)

~Mark (SAM'S CLUB brand) brand jean shorts. Size 38. NWOT, only tried on (asking $5 plus shipping)

I'm having trouble getting the photos to load on dialup, but I'm interested in any one-piece outfits (including shortalls, etc) and t-shirts in sizes 18 months and up for my little guy
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Okay, I think these are the ones I'm most interested in

001, 015, 016, 017, 032, 031, 028, 029, 024, and 023
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i pm'd a couple of days ago, did u get it?, and how much would shipping cost
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do you only have the one pair of overalls? and how much will it cost my zip is 16504
The shortalls were some that I was also interested in
I guess you don't want to do a trade?
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