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First I have 3 summer suits, all are 24m/2T

My guy only wore these 3-4 times each before he outgrew them, they are really cute and in great condition as far as I can see. $6PPD for all 3

Second a fleece suit, perfect for the cold winter and great over cloth diaper bums
I even used this as a cover on occasion. Worked really great as a warm sleeper too normal pilling of the fleece and applique. I'm so sad he outgrew this. $5PPD

Lastly 3 pairs of sweat pants all size 24M and a sweatshirt in 18M these have been well loved and show signs of wear, the knees are faded out in the pants, there may be some staining, and there is some discoloration of the sweatshirt. Great playclothes though. $5PPD for the lot.

I am ISO the following items and willing to trade for new made by me momma cloth

Organic pajamas in size 7, 5T, 3T
Soft shoes for a 5.5" foot
Sketchers sneakers in a size 1 boys (the only kind my picky kiddo will wear)
the BFIAR books
"my blue boat" and "the quiet way home"
Prewashed hemp fleece
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