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Bozeman Mamas...Need info...

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Hi Mamas!

My husband is looking to apply for a job in Bozeman. We are currently living in Southern Cal and HATE it after only being here since this past October. We previously lived in Colorado (had for 6 years) and we loved. Is this a good place to raise kids?

We are still considering moving back to Colorado also. There are a couple of jobs on the western slope he has applied for.

Oh and I am a SAHM. So we are trying to keep it that way. LOL
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I'm in the Bozeman area. Gallitan Gateway now, Begrade in a couple of weeks. If you make it here PM me or if you have any questions, I will try to answer.
Thank you! I sent you a PM.
We are at the next step. They want to see copies of his work. Woo Hoo!
We are at the next step. Hubby has phone interview Monday moning. If that goes well he will fly out for the in person interview. Keep your fingers crossed.
We will be in Bozeman later this week. The company is flying us all out, so hubby can have his face to face interview. The phone interview lasted nearly an hour and a half.
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Welcome, there is a big fire over near Big Timber (over the pass toward Livingston) so it's a tad smoky, but hopefully that will be contained by the time you come out. Have a safe trip!
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