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Hi, I'm new... I'm certainly not in the "extended" time period yet, but I thought this would be the best place for advice:
My dd is 7 months old and nursing around the clock; every 2 hours or so during the day, then every 4 hours or so overnight, and no solids yet. My question is this: when can I stop wearing a bra all the time (Even to sleep!) and nursing pads?!? I thought I was through with the pads around 3 months. I stopped wearing them around the house. Then there was a growth spurt and my dd had surgery (2 days in a row I wasn't allowed to nurse her for almost 12 hours each day because of tubing/anesthesia), and I was back to soaking pads several times a day. Then, the last week or so I've noticed the pads are dry at the end of the day. BUT, last night I wore a less-than-supportive bra to bed. While I was nursing dd on the right side, old leftie slipped out of the cup a little and milk just flowed- soaking the pad, the bra, and my shirt. Am I doomed to wear a (good) bra to bed from here till weaning, months upon months down the road?
My older dd was weaned so early due to horrible, horrible "medical" advice, and this is the longest I've nursed... any insight, personal experiences, etc will be greatly appreciated!!
"Bound" in SC
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