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Brag...What cute thing did your dc say today?

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Dd and I were on a really long drive today to visit her Aunt (Godmother)
on her Father's side. I got bored with music and started to listen to talk
radio. The Deejay was reading a email and said "I am far from a perfect
Mother but".
A few minutes later dd said "Mama....before I was in your belly....when
I was with Jesus....He showed me pictures of lots of Mama's and I shook
my head like this <rocks head side to side>....Then he showed me your
picture and I shook my head like this <rocks head up and down>...cause
your my perfect Mother and I am your perfect Mattie.

OMG I nearly teared up like a baby. Driving on the highway and I
am just about to blubber into pieces.

So what cutie pie things have your dc said lately????
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OMG what a profound statement!!! i would be bawling too.

i cant think of anything lately - except that at 3 1/2 it involves either gas, poop or pee. but at teh used book store she did pick out the gross anatomy colouring book - because the cover shows the process of puking out green stuff and the chapter on heamorrhoids (sp?) someone had coloured the bottom and legs red. she keeps tellling me mommy turn to the red bottom page and thinks the heamorrhoid is poop. i am not correcting her.
Awwww... that is too cute Janna!

Okay, this one is not actually my DS, but my 3 1/2 year old sister that I nanny during the week. She was trying to roll/kick a ball up the hill in mom's backyard with no success. She sat down in a huff so I went over to her and asked what was wrong. She said she couldn't get the ball up the hill. I asked if she wanted to try carrying the ball up the hill. She jumped up, got this huge grin, and said "Stephy- you're a genius"
Woo-hoo! I get genius status for figuring out how to get a ball up a hill :nana:

My DS doesn't really talk much so I don't have any cute "what did dc say that was cute" stories for him. But his new thing is having arguments with himself in the car when he thinks I can't see him. He sits in his carseat in the back and with one hand he'll sign "no" (sometimes he'll say it too, since this is one word he knows really well) then with the other hand he'll sign "yes" (doesn't know how to say it yet). He'll go back and forth *arguing* with himself until he just starts laughing hysterically
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Janna - how sweet. I think I'd be bawling too!

I've been going through a tough time lately, and for the past few morings Hannah says to me, "Mama, it's a BRAND, NEW DAY!!" It totally puts everything is perspective for me.
I don't really know if this is cute or not, but I know its something I wont ever hear when she gets older. My duaghter just turned 4. She is still having a tough time with me and her dad not being together,(well, she doesn't really care untill its time to go see him, she goes there and then blames me cuase she can't see her daddy, I knows it him filling her with lies, but what can I do about it). I had just picked them up from their dads. She was crying her eyes outs because she didn't want to leave yet. Well, its a 4 hour trip, and the first 30 minutes all she did was cry. Well, me and my bf tried talking to her all she would do is yell at as. So we just let her cool off thinking she might fall asleep. Well, she just perked up and stopped crying. She looked at my bf and said "do you like doing dishes?" He said no of corse. Then she looked at me, "momma, I promise I will never cry when I have to go home again, if you promise to let me do the dishes ever single night" I laughed and told her I wanted her to not cry becuase I wanted her to want to come home. I really didn't know what to say. She replied" Momma I will want to go home if I know that I have dishes waiting for me when I get there" How amazing kids can be. I know I won't here those words out of her mouth when she getts older.
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trinity~ that is so sweet! i would have been

i cant think of anything right now :yawning: but dd often says something cute while giving me a hard time which melts my heart.
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